A facility engineer's story about TurboViewer Pro

So when they asked me to head up their new geothermal energy facility, I told them the first thing wed have to do was to insure the technology remained safe and cost effective.

With miles of high pressure steam lines, hundreds of critical control valves, and scores of turbopumps and pressure manifolds to manage, if anything was ever in question, calling someone into an office and fumbling with blueprints would not be an option.

That's when I issued iPads with the TurboViewer Pro app to all of my maintenance teams.

Now no detail is too large or too small to be located and identified instantly – right there in the field – regardless of what industry standard file format we needed to look at – and in 3D no less.


Then my maintenance chief said "John, great use of technology, you deserve a bonus!"


And you know what? He's right.

Thanks, TurboViewer Pro!


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