An interior designer's story about TurboReview

So I thought Iíd ask my client if we could meet for a few minutes at her business remodeling project to go over the details of my concept for the planned renovations.

Of course I knew she had been checking my design proposals against the competition, so I made sure I came prepared with my iPad and TurboReview app.


We did a walk-through together letting her see just how well my designs worked within her projectís space, point by point.


Things were going really well but I could tell she had something on her mind. "Could we make this picture window bigger?"

Using TurboReview, I instantly brought up the design drawing and lightning-fast made a redmark notation. I also added a quick revision cloud to highlight her request.


I could tell she loved seeing her thought go from "pen-to-paper" in such a simple and visual way. "No problem," I said.

Turns out my client was so impressed she immediately asked when we could start.

Thanks, TurboReview!

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