An architect's story about TurboSite


So I dropped in for yet another site visit to review the latest building updates.

Normally I would spend hours and hours trudging through a building, struggling to document every construction detail – all the while lugging my laptop, camera, small folding table, and dozens of ungainly blueprints... oh, and extra laptop batteries, too.

Believe me, it was a real pain. 


But TurboSite has changed all that! Documenting field work is now a breeze.




I just carry my iPad and TurboSite. That simple!


TurboSite is an amazing app that helps me document what I find in the field.
For example, I can view all of my drawings lightning-fast right on my iPad. I always know where I'm at using TurboSite's incredible GeoWalk technology – whether I'm connected to GPS or not!

Best of all, TurboSite lets me create GeoMarks that are synchronized with my exact position in the field. Each GeoMarks contains all of my notes, photos, videos, even voice and redmark annotations, for that spot. All taken with my iPad. All neat. All organized. No matter how much data I have – and I tend to document very thoroughly – my data never gets lost and is always in the right place.

And if that isn't enough, I don't waste time cobbling together reports anymore, either. TurboSite creates them on-the-fly and lets me distribute them instantly free of charge to everyone on the building team.


TurboSite has eliminated up to 80% of my drudgery with site reviews and, I must say, certainly has me smiling again.

Thanks TurboSite!


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